Connect with our Church

One of the best ways to get connected with our church family is through serving both your community and the world. People often say that their service teams become their family.

Ways to Get Connected

We always encourage helping others within our communities to get connected and build strong relationship at NSI.


We are always looking to help our brethren, both within the church and within our communities. Join a team today and help lead us to a better tomorrow for everyone.


Our church is founded on helping others find the word of God. We encourage everyone to step up and sing, teach, or lead a prayer for our church.


We believe in being generous with our treasure, time, and talents. When you choose to give and sow any of these, you choose to connect your heart to a greater cause.


We encourage everyone to find a way that works best to helping them learn and grow. Reach out to us to discover other ways we can connect with you!