God’s Ministering Gifts

Yes God is an awesome God for this is evident in His love for his people. He has bestowed upon us every gift necessary for us to both obtain and maintain all of the goodness which is available: life, health, wealth, and salvation. Often these gifts are manifested inwardly, for example, some of us are blessed with the gift of discernment and others with the gift of compassion. Each of these gifts empowers us to be effective in the service of the Lord and allows us to glorify God from within; thus, we are thankful for these inner gifts. However, there are also gifts which are manifested outwardly. These are certain vessels which God uses to bring His blessing to us on His behalf.

These blessings may be in the form of shared knowledge, spiritual guidance, a helping hand, a word of encouragement or anything which ministers to our hearts, minds and spirits. In 2006, after surviving his third stroke, Bishop E. M. Thorpe, Sr., promoted Pastor Lola from Co-Pastor to Pastor of the Northside Institutional Church.  This transition was truly an opportunity for many to see the God-given leadership abilities that were present and at work always in this phenomenal woman of God.  On Saturday November 1, 2008 Pastor Lola received her Doctorate of Divinity from the North Carolina College of Theology. God has bestowed ministering gifts upon the Northside Institutional Church Of God In Christ for the past 40 years in the persons of Bishop Eugene M. Thorpe and Pastor Lola M. Thorpe. For the 40 years of ministry these willing vessels of God have been gifts to many people. Through them, countless numbers have been touched, and many have been comforted and guided further in the service of the Lord. Ephesians 4:11-12 says: "And He gave some apostles; and some prophets and some evangelist; and some pastors and teachers; for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ."

We are a blessed people, for God has bestowed these ministering gifts upon us and has allowed them to remain with us for 40 years. Bishop Thorpe and Pastor Lola have endured 40 years of unselfish service, 40 years of encouraging God's people, many trials and tribulations, births, deaths, marriages, celebrations and hardship. Through it all they have stood fast, being about perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ. Such gifts are to be treasured and honored; that is why we take this time to thank God for His Ministering Gifts to us.

Written by Leak Williams, Esquire

Dr. Lola M. Thorpe, Pastor

Lola M. Thorpe is a licensed evangelist of the Church of God in Christ. She serves with her husband, Bishop Eugene M. Thorpe, at the Northside Institutional Church of God in Christ in Pittsburgh, PA and has ministered internationally throughout the United States spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. She responded to the call to minister full-time after retiring from the Pittsburgh Board of Education.

Her many achievements include: the Interdenominational Prayer Luncheon, developing “So You’re the Pastor’s Wife" seminar, creating the We Do married women’s group, establishing The Beginning of Something Great bible study in Philadelphia, PA and founding the Inspirational Moments for Women’s Ministries. In addition to conducting marriage and Christian counseling, she is the host of weekly television program “Women in Ministry” seen on PCTV-21 in Pittsburgh. Evangelist Thorpe also created the annual W.O.W. (Women Out Working) Conference, which blessed hundreds. Additionally, she is the author of the moving story "When God Gave My Daughter Back", which is the true account of the demonstration of her faith in God that was published in the March’97 edition of Purpose Magazine.

Evangelist Thorpe is the eldest of fourteen children, the mother of six adult children and grandmother of fifteen. Her ministry is one of faith. She is truly an inspiration to all who know her and to those who have been blessed to sit under her ministry.

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